Monday, July 28, 2008

Can't get enough APLS?

If, like me, you've been loving all the activity of the APLS lately, you're going to love this! For those of you who are just arriving to the party, APLS stands for Affluent People Living Sustainably. There's been lots of good bloggy discussions on the subject, and we've even got a facebook group going with lots of great conversation and interactions. But the fun doesn't stop there!

Green Bean, Arduous, and I have teamed up to create the APLS Blog - a home base of sorts for a monthly blog carnival on issues surrounding being an affluent person and living sustainably (and if you're cringing at the use of the word affluent, or thinking it doesn't apply to you, I really encourage you to check out the global rich list, as well as some of the assorted blog discussions or the facebook group).

This blog is designed for anybody who is trying to live more sustainably. If you're trying, you qualify! You don't have to own a composting toilet, or power your home with solar panels to be an APLS (although if you do, that's awesome too!). You don't even have to have a green blog - or any blog at all. We want anyone and everyone who is interested to come and join us.

I'll be hosting the first carnival on August 15th, and am really excited to see what you all come up with. As we've all been learning, APLS are better together, and this is just one more way for us to share our knowledge, our questions, our inspirations, our concerns, and our hopes.

We also are hoping to eventually use this blog to organize some regionally based community building opportunities. There's been a lot of interest expressed in this area, and we think it's pretty exciting too - if you'd like to be involved in getting APLS organized in your area, send us an email. We'll definitely need your participation to make this work!

Hope to see you at the APLS blog!


Green Bean said...

Great setting this up with you Melissa and I'm loving the Facebook page! I can't wait to see what transpires in terms of regional meet ups.

jennconspiracy said...

I think it is great that you guys are doing this but... the "Global Rich List" is not really accurate, IMO as a graduate degreed sociologist.

Calculating wealth based on salary without taking into account relative cost of living, non-salary income or non-income related wealth, property or debt -- it doesn't really give an accurate picture of your place on the planet.

Sorry, it just isn't accurate.

Certainly, compared to the rest of the world, even someone on food stamps is "affluent" in this country. However, there is a lot more that goes into defining who is affluent is a lot more complicated than plugging in your salary.

Melissa said...

jenn, absolutely you are correct that it isn't super accurate in the specifics; I'm guessing of the things you listed relative cost of living would be the biggest thing that affects those numbers...not sure, that's just a guess. I'm also guessing though, that the bottom line message still holds true for people in the top 20-30% globally, would you agree? I do understand your point though.