Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unite for Change

I don't like to talk politics, and I'm not trying to turn this into an opinion poll on the candidates...

but I do want to say that I'm attending a Barack Obama Unite For Change event this weekend.

The reason I bring this up is because I think anyone who is unhappy with the city/state/country/world we live in has a responsibility to work to change that situation - and one obvious way to do that is to get involved with politics. Imperfect as our system may be, it's the one we have to work with, and I believe in doing the best with what one's got.

I've never done much before besides voting, and making a few get out the vote phone calls for state elections, so I'm kind of excited to be doing this.

This will not only be a good chance to work to ensure the election of my preferred candidate, but it will also be a good chance to build community with a new group of people, one with whom I share at least some fundamental political views that I probably wouldn't meet otherwise.

So whatever your personal politics, consider getting involved in the process. I used to believe that I only had a right to complain about the government if I had voted in the election. I still believe that to be true, but I've come to realize that I can't be disapointed with the way others vote unless I've actively worked towards the outcome I desire.

OK, no more politics today!


Heather @ SGF said...

Have fun! I find he's such a motivational speaker. Isn't the point of a leader to motivate people towards something better. I always get chills (the good kind) listening to him.

Green Bean said...

That's great. We have to get involved if we want this world to change. Sitting home and complaining does nothing. Have fun. I didn't even realize he was in town.

Melissa said...

I probably phrased it a bit wrong - he's not actually going to be there, but on Sat. there are a lot of small home events that are happening simultaneously all around the country. I WISH I was going to hear him speak in person, because I too get little chills (even though I promise myself each time that I won't because he's just another politician, blah blah - but I can't help it, every time!) So anyway, this is a barbecue that expects probably like 75 people or so to show up, they'll have a potluck bbq, ask for donations (of course!) discuss the campaign and issues, and provide opportunities for further ways to get involved if you want to. If you want to check for one near you just go to his web page, and you do have to give an email address and create a login, but then you can type in your zip code and it'll tell you all the events in range of your home.

Debbie said...

I totally agree with your post - it is easy to talk the talk so I am always impressed when people walk the walk. I do find it a bit sappy that Obama and Bilary are showing up today in the tiny town of Unity, NH to show just how 'united' they are...I am sure that the media will far outnumber the 214 registered voters in that community.

Melissa said...

Yeah, I saw somewhere yesterday that they were going to Unity and I was like oh please. I grew up in NH and couldn't tell you where that place is to save myself. But I think you know I'm no big fan of hers to start with :)