Thursday, April 10, 2008

Extreme Green

I’ve been writing about all the little things I’ve been doing to lead a slightly greener life. There are some who are taking some rather extreme measures, however. They've all recognized that to make lasting changes, we need to start by reducing: what we buy, what we throw away, and what we use. So next time I think that it’s too tough to take a really quick shower or make my own yogurt, I’m going to think about one of these people:

1. No impact man: Colin Beavan lives in NYC and is seeing if he, along with his wife and daughter, can live an entire year without making any net impact on the environment.

2. 365 Days of Trash: Dave has decided that in order to really be accountable for our impact on the planet, we have to first acknowledge how much waste we really do create. So he's saving all of his trash throughout the year.

3. Fake Plastic Fish: One woman in Oakland, CA documents her attempts to rid plastic from her life (this is a lot tougher than it might sound!)

4. Riot 4 Austerity: Based on the premise that for long-term sustainability, those of us in the rich world must cut our emissions by 90%. They have a group of participants who are actively working to do this in seven different categories and track their monthly progress towards this goal.

5. The Compact: The participants in The Compact have all pledged to buy nothing new for one year. They can beg, borrow, or buy it used.

6. Waste Wear Daily: This woman has pledged to wear only clothing she finds in dumpsters for a whole year.

Most (OK, all) of these efforts are far more than I am willing to undertake right now, especially since there are two of us in my home, but I think what I find valuable in all these sites is the example of people REALLY practicing what they preach. That is what I find inspiring.


wasteweardaily said...

I appreciate your kind words about me. I just wanted to say that the reason I am wearing only clothes I find in a dumpster is because I want to highlight how much really useful stuff is thrown away. There is too much clothing being donated to thrift stores and they can't sell and store it all. If people don't have access to a great dumpster like I do then buying only used clothing is a great option. Underwear exempt of course.
Cindy in FL

Melissa said...

It is amazing what people throw out isn't it? I read somewhere (and forget where now...) that there was a town that had to limit thrift store donations because people had more to get rid of than there are people who need things. How sad is that?

I'll second the underwear exemption though!