Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sour Cream

Sour Cream
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Here's another thing I eat kind of a lot of, and figured out how to make for myself...sour cream. It's really good! It's not quite as easy as the yogurt, but if I said it was hard, I'd just be whining (which I tend to do sometimes...)

All you need is a pint of cream, and a quarter cup of buttermilk.

Rinse the bowl for a few seconds with really hot water, then let it return to room temperature (I think this is to kill any bacteria that might be lurking).

Pour the cream into the bowl; mix in the buttermilk. Let it sit in a warm place. I did the same thing as with the yogurt: heat the oven to 200 before you put the bowl in, then turn it off, and let it sit for about 24 hours or so.

The recipe I had said to strain it through a cheese cloth for a couple of hours. I tried this, but the one I had was too loose, and it all just slipped through. Basically, all this means is that the sour cream is a little more watery than what I buy from the store...but it still tastes great!

Less packaging, less waste, and I know exactly what's in it!

If you're into making bread, you can use the leftover buttermilk (it only comes in larger containers in my store) in place of regular milk for that. Or, you can wait for my next recipe secret to find out how to make your own...oh boy!

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Bad Human? said...

I love sour cream and since we get our milk fresh from a farm we get cream with our milk and use it to make butter which then gives us buttermilk so I guess we already have everything we need so we will have to try this the next time we make tacos.