Sunday, April 6, 2008


It's the weekend after all, so nothing too serious from me today. Instead, I invite you to just enjoy the day, and take a minute to check out these sites and have a good laugh. Well, it might make you think a little. It shouldn't hurt though.

Buy Less Crap: I love their spoof ads! And they do have a good point. I like the way their letter is written to commend the good work being done while offering constructive criticism. As I keep on realizing, spending money and buying stuff is not the answer to the sustainability problem facing our planet.

Free Carbon Offsets: There is no free lunch. I like how they rely on the average person's never-ending search for the quick fix to pull you in. It's another reminder that the things we need to do are work. It's not just a matter of clicking a mouse to fix the messes we are making. We have to actually make some changes. (Please don't really print out their certificate!)

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